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Transcend the European Language Barrier!

Today the Internet is an information, communication, entertainment and business superhighway accessed daily by millions of ordinary Europeans and Latin Americans who prefer to surf in a language other than English. A recent survey undertaken by Global Reach showed that despite initial US domination of the Internet only 40% of the World Wide Web is now in English, with continental European languages gaining a growing share and Chinese set to overtake English in the next decade. Automatic translators can at best give you a gist of the contents of a foreign language web page, but more often than not key words are literally translated with risible results. Just consider the English word spring. How can a computer know whether it is a season, a leap, a coil or a water source? If you aim to reach a wider audience you need your site not just translated, but localised to suit the customs, laws, practices, mentality and culture of the target audience.

Via a network of freelance translators, software localisers and translation agencies, we are now well placed to offer multilingual web site localisation from English into Italian, Spanish, French and German. Multi Web Vista's founder, Neil Gardner, has a longstanding experience in technical, scientific and business-oriented translations from both Italian and German into English, including major software and website localisation projects. Whether we localise in-house or outsource work to freelancers, we employ only native speakers with proven subject-specific knowledge.

Cross-cultural and multilingual competence plays a growing role in web site design. As even native English texts need post-editing (e.g. splitting or abridging articles into manageable segments that casual surfers can easily read and adding menus, headings, links etc.), web site designers need some linguistic competence to make sense of translated texts. We use advanced project management and translation database tools such as Trados Translators Workbench and Word Fisher, so you'll never need to pay to have the same phrase translated twice.

Many mistranslated sites fail to attract the desired readership and may seriously damage an organisation's reputation. If you're serious about doing business in Europe, but cannot afford the extortionate rates charged by many software localisation companies, we offer a cost-effective web site design and localisation solution.

Some sites we've helped to localise:

  • Porto San Rocco: The Northern Adriatic's Premier Boating Resort
  • Ballan: Italy's leading manufacturer of garage doors and roller shutters..
  • Cittadella: History of an old North Italian walled- town.
  • More to come as we progress....
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