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Please select a subject area and the number of questions you wish to answer.

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    Site Designer (40 questions)
    Mock exam based on the original Site Designer exam.

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    PHP Developer (22 questions)
    Test your knowledge of the Web's most popular open-source server-side technology. Basic to intermediate level.

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    Geography (33 questions)
    General knowledge quiz about human and natural geography

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    Scientific Trivia (18 questions)
    Test your general knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology.

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    Fame Trivia (10 questions)
    Test your knowledge of the rich and famous?

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    Language Trivia (10 questions)
    Guess the origin of words?

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    Football Trivia (10 questions)
    Test your knowledge of the world's most popular sport, Association Football.

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    History (10 questions)
    Test your knowledge of the past that shaped today's world possible

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