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Last updated: 21/05/04

MultiWebQuiz is an Online Multiple Choice Quiz Management System that will run on any server with PHP (4.0+) and a MySQL database. To install it on your Website all you need to do is download this file and follow a few basic instructions to set up and configure the database on your server.

Since the release of the beta version, I have added running scores and a results sheet. Participants can switch between tests, choose to answer between 5 and all questions at a time and view the full results of all tests taken in a given session. Subject areas and the number of questions in each category are now listed in the main quiz and admin pages.

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Main Features of MultiWebQuiz

New to Release 1.5:

Other Features:

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I will continue to develop this Quiz Management System and would welcome any constructive feedback and requests for customised test management systems. If you find this web application useful, please support my humble efforts by making a small donation.

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