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Web Development Links

Here is just a selection of the links I find most useful in the complex and fast-evolving world of web development.

  • SitePoint
    A must for serious web developers with a wealth of information of about emerging Web technologies. The site is one of the leading advocates of table-less design.
  • DevShed
    Probably the site most frequently visited by web developers who build dynamic sites with PHP and MySQL.
  • PHP Scripts | Hotscripts | PHP Builder
    You may not find a ready made web application, but a diligent search should provide you with the code you need for your site.
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
    The W3C Site contains a wealth of information about HTML, DHTML and XML standards and recommendations, essential reading if you want to keep abreast of future developments.
  • Web Reference Library
    Extensive reference guides on HTML, DHTML, XML, XHTML, style sheets, graphic formats, Java and scripting languages.
  • Javascript Dot Com
    The definitive Javascript site with a wide range of editable JavaScripts.
  • Java Resources
    Full documentation and extensive tutorials for Java applications, applets, servlets as well as Java for XML.
  • TechFest Networking Resources
    Handy reference on TCP/IP, HTTP, LANs, WANs, ATM, cabling etc.
  • Kev Lin-Dev - SVG, Geometry and Javascript tutorials
    Learn about the new Scalabale Vector Graphics format compatible with XHTML and XML and based on geometry rather than bitmaps. Site maintained by Kevin Lindsay/
  • Javascript City
    Find free cut and paste JavaScripts to add to your site to perform various tasks. Instructions on how to install and use the scripts are included with most of the scripts.
  • ActionScript and Flash (TM) resources
    Learn how to build animations that users can actually interact with, such as dynamic menus, games, quizzes, courses, timetables etc.
  • Swish - The quick way to build basic Flash movies
    The quickiest way to develop flash animations at a fraction of the price. However, it lacks the flexibility and powerful scripting language of Macromedia Flash (TM). The demo version is fully functional for 30 days.
  • Open Server Pages - Database-driven Websites
    Learn about server-side programming and scripting languages, such as ASP, JSP, PHP, Cold Fusion, used to link Web sites with powerful databases.
  • Windows Really Good Edition
    All you need to know about MS Windows troubleshooting. Requires Macromedia Flash (™).
  • Official CIW Certified Site
    The official self-promoting Certified Internet Webmaster Site with links to the wider community.
  • My CIW with links to other unofficial CIW sites
    Best site with absolutely free self-assessed CIW practice tests and a plethora of links to other similar sites.
  • Cert21
    Practice exams for the full gammut of IT certifications. You can try to answer 5 questions in each category or sign up for a monthly single-exam membership for $30.

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