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Add Visual Impact to your Website

There's much more to Web design than just HTML editing and adding a few snazzy rollover buttons, navigation menus and search fields. It's the art of cleverly optimising and embedding pictures, often worth more than a thousand words in an uncluttered layout. An effective Web design builds on the unusual combination of creativity and attention to detail, but always reflects the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Today text and graphics cannot simply be scanned and pasted onto static Web pages in a disconnected manner. All text should ideally be searchable and all graphics should viewable on all common screen sizes and browsers. Effective visual impact and intuitive usability form an integral part of any Web design project.

Faster Loading Web Pages

Despite the advent of broadband Internet access, web designers still need a good understanding of graphic file formats and estimated download times. Digital photographs are by far the easiest way to get pictures on the Web, but they still need optimising. A 3-megapixel image may produce a crisp photo-realistic print on glossy paper, but as a 700 KB jpeg file it will take ages to download via a dial-up connection. Most visitors won't wait 5 to 10 minutes to see your holiday snaps, but they may wish to view an enlargement if they like a thumbnail image of the same subject.

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